The Song of Witaukl Creek

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The Song of Witaukl Creek

Postby waylandsmith » Wed May 22, 2013 2:51 am

Game Title: The Song of Witaukl Creek

Game Concept:
Player controls a hero exiled from a small, semi-migratory tribe as she searches for a place to call home. Currently have map base, location types.

RPG-like overworld with food needs met by fishing combat minigame. Types of food available depends on items, location.

By the 28th, I hope to have:
-- have at least two kinds of fishing tool implemented
-- have one kind of life for every tool
-- have a working fishing minigame
-- have movement and dialogue in the overworld
--- possibly a tutorial?
-- a simple soundtrack
-- package

Platform: Linux (Ubuntu), possibly Windows
Probably hosted on Github

(any one of the following - I'm having an irritatingly difficult time deciding)
-- LOVE + Lua
-- Common Lisp + lispbuilder-sdl
-- Python + pygame
-- Clojure + JFrame
-- Turbulenz

-- Inkscape
-- Audacity
-- Emacs

Currently leaning towards Lispbuilder-SDL, have resources for LOVE and Lispbuilder-SDL but am more experienced with CL. I'm a little nervous, though - if anyone with experience using any of these wants to give me their two cents, I'd be grateful. Questions are also welcome :)
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