Fishing Is... [FINISHED + UPDATED]

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Fishing Is... [FINISHED + UPDATED]

Postby JohnR » Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:04 pm

The Game
"Fishing Is..." is a simple arcade game which I developed during the last two days. As original as I am I decided to make an Atari 2600-esque arcade game with simple controls, simple graphics and simple audio, mostly because I just didn't have the time nor resources to create anything bigger than that. Still, I wanted to give the game a somewhat original touch (and hope that it's not too similar to any of the other submissions, haven't tried many of them yet). Anyway, my goal was to create a kinda realistic fishing experience (at least compared to the simplistic presentation) which also incorporates my personal experiences I've made with fishing (which are very limited to say the least).

So just sit down, enjoy the view and the sound of the sea - but still, try to catch as many fish as possible and don't give up too soon!

Created with Game Maker: Studio.

Version 1.01 (with CRT effect)

Version 1.0 (without CRT effect - use this one if you experience graphical errors in version 1.01)

Use the cursor keys to control the character / fishing rod.
Use F key to switch to fullscreen (aka eye cancer mode)
Use Esc to exit the game
fishingis_crt.png (41.33 KiB) Viewed 130137 times
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Re: Fishing Is... [UPDATED]

Postby JohnR » Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:21 pm

The Twitter message that there's still time for some finishing touches motivated me to work a little more on the game. Already when starting the project I really wanted it to have a CRT effect but I came to the conclusion that there's not enough time and that it's too hard. But well, I gave it a try now and it kinda worked. It's not a very complex or polished effect but I consider the result satisfying and I think it adds a lot to the overall feel.

I will add the new download link and a new screenshot to the original post in a moment.

I made another minor update (not worth pushing the thread or raising the version number). I added the ability to switch to fullscreen by pressing F (which you should ONLY do if you sit VERY far away from your screen or your screen is TINY). Also I made it a zip archive with an attached readme file.

Updated download link can already be found in the original post.
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