The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG

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Re: The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG

Postby Alexander » Mon May 27, 2013 12:46 am

The first alpha prototype of The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG is complete - you can download it here. While in game, press ESC or X to bring up your menu, press ENTER to interact with things/people, and hold Shift while moving with the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to run.

Turns out there was absolutely no way I could completely and totally finish the game within the space of a week. However, I promised myself that I'd at least put up a playable version of what I had thus far by the end of my 7th day, so folks could at least get a broad idea of what I want to do. Be warned: there's a wealth of placeholder art, dodgy coding and people/objects/events doing things they probably shouldn't. But the basic functionality of The Loch is there, and I'll be continuing working on it, most likely after the Jam finishes (so I can get some time to do stuff that isn't Sitting In Front Of RPG Maker All Day).

Fish you can get (if you catch one of each, consider yourself to have won the game thus far :P): Brown Sturgeon, Glassfish, Halley Trout, Flibbergibbet, Westerly Catfish, Bathyphage Isopod, Carcoslug, Humpfish, Scatlatch Lobster.
Tackle you can get: Basic Fishing Rod (+ 3 Lures), Lobster Pot, Spear
Hints to Investigate:
  • Try visiting the pub on rainy days: the clientele isn't always the same.
  • What is in those wells?
  • You have to give your friend time to write a letter and leave it for you. Come back tomorrow?
  • You don't have to leave the coast to find a place to dock your boat...
  • "stay down"

Known bugs:
  • Basically everything
  • It'd take less time to just list what does work
  • Seriously
  • Shrijani is a bit weird, she currently blanks you if you ask her about certain fish, and lies about others
  • Shrijani's sprite is mega-white, and Navid is pretty Stock Middle Eastern, because white characters are literally the default when it comes to RPGMaker's default resources (seriously, the only non-white character sprite is in RPGMaker's default Evil spritesheet!)
  • If you hire a boat from Sandra then talk to her again on the same day, she'll try to sell you it again, the shrewd old lady
  • The woods go wonky if you keep walking east past the trees
  • There're lots of bits that look like they lead somewhere but totally don't. If you're making Angela run into the side of the screen and she's not going anywhere, you probably can't go that way.
  • The fish all have wonky stats in the battle system, let's just stick a label on that that says "ehhhhh"
  • Angus gives you the opposite lure to the one he intends (oops)

If you've any comments or feedback about the game, I'd appreciate it! :>
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Re: The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG

Postby LionelJitro » Mon May 27, 2013 2:11 am

Looking good.

I'll download it this evening after work and give it a play through.
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