[FINISHED] Dig My Fish?

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[FINISHED] Dig My Fish?

Postby tam » Sun May 19, 2013 3:14 pm

Dig My Fish? is a 2 player timed racing action game where players have to dive and dig through layers of underwater caves to find the most beautiful fish.
Each player is colour coded and can only dig through sand of their colour, or neutral sand. Some caves will lead to solid rock dead ends.

Minimum I'd like to make:
Working 2 player game with several randomly generated / selected cave layers.
Left / Right / Up / Down / Dig controls for each player. Digging requires frantic mashing of your dig action button.
One beautiful fish that will spawn several times.
Camera - not sure if it'd be better with a camera for each player or one camera that pans in and out based on distance of players. At the moment I'm thinking one camera.
A character with a drill / spade and a scuba mask. Some animation for movement and digging. Just change colouring for each player.
Points displayed for each player in a HUD.
Time countdown in HUD.
Win screen showing who won and what the scores were.

Potential for:
Multiple fish, worth different points.
Coloured "gates" which only let colour-matched players through. (to stop players just swimming down opponent's tunnel)
Air bubbles to gain more time.
Multiple, changing buttons for digging. eg mash D then mash I then mash G. Would need separate words for each player and UI to show required letter.
Sound effects.
Score tracker - highscores and current wins / losses

Starting: 20th May at some point in the evening
Ending: 26th May at same time, then worry about putting it online on the 27th.

I'll be using Unity so will make a web player version so it's easy to share around.
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Re: Dig My Fish?

Postby tam » Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:25 pm

Right then, all done.

I didn't start until Friday 24th so did Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Friday evening, Saturday, and now my final day Sunday the 2nd.

I got quite a lot of my list done. The main thing I didn't do was randomly generated levels. I decided to just forget that because by the time I'd got gameplay working I wasn't confident I'd have time for figuring out generating levels too. So I built 3 levels instead.
Biggest hurdles were the camera and fish spawning system. Both are on their 3rd or 4th iteration now.

Here's a link to play the game (it's 2 player so ask your nearest nautical buddy to join you)

Here's a wee screenshot of the game:
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Re: [FINISHED] Dig My Fish?

Postby sansumbrella » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:33 am

I played this by myself, but I imagine sharing the keyboard with a friend is a blast. I like the idea of jostling the other player to get to the keys you need in order to progress. Fun!
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