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Postby AtkinsSJ » Sun May 19, 2013 3:25 pm

I wasn't sure whether to enter this jam, but my other project is a bit stuck. Then I thought, what if you could fish with a grappling hook? And so: F!shing

Idea: Side-on platformy controls. Use your fishing-related earnings to buy better (or just different) equipment. And a boat! Boats are good.

I'm hoping to have a Worms-ninja-rope feel to the fishing rod, swinging it wildly trying to get fish with it. Other equipment will vary as I come-up with ideas for it. But definitely a grappling hook will be one. :)

Depending on how early I finish, I might also add an end-of-year tax-return minigame! Because you have to report fishing earnings on those. YAY!
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