Crazy Crabbin

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Crazy Crabbin

Postby Tater_Hater » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:43 am

Unfortunately due to school and a trip, my ability to participate wasn't to the extent i would like, However, here's my strategy game, Crazy Crabbin'!



Throttle Q,Z


Place a Pot: Space

Pick up pot after it has soaked: E

Selling Crab:
Go to Port (indicated by Green Arrow) and click the Crabbin Center

Click the Upgrades building
New ship is $100,000 and an extra 100,000 for each newer boat

Word of Caution: Dont pick up two pots at once, they get tangled and you'll
lose a pot


Sail around the Bering Sea in search of crab. Gather as much as you can before the season's end.

Place pots out deep into the ocean for a chance at more crab. Don't worry about losing where you put your pots, the red arrow on the HUD compass points you back towards your string of pots.

It is still really early in development, and is missing a mini boss fight. I want to continue development on this so leave any suggestions below.
Get ready to test your crabbing skills!

Just to brag, post your money and crab high scores on the the thread and see how good of a crabbin captain you are!!

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