[Finished] Fishing for Complements

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[Finished] Fishing for Complements

Postby Colthor » Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:18 pm

This'll be a bit hit'n'run, I'm afraid, but here's a game:

Fishing for Complements

Info and download for Windows: http://colthor.co.uk/games/FishingForComplements.html

Catch, reel in and bring to shore the object you need to make the shape in the bottom-left whole.

It's fairly rough and ready (and looks/sounds it; artistic talent is a thing other people have), but only took about five days out of an eleven day period. A couple of extra days' fiddling could probably make it a better game, but I won't have the time for a week or two, and the central mechanic works (I think) quite nicely, so here it is.

It's C++ using DirectX and OpenAL. You can find a few other games I've made for 1 Game A Month here.

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